New Home Construction Inspection in Maryland

Don’t think that because you are buying a brand new home that there aren’t any defects. Mistakes happen all the time during new home construction. The causes are many: overworked project managers, inexperienced or incompetent sub-contactors, even mistakes or omissions in building plans.

Ask your self this: who is building your home? Is it a corporate giant with a polished salesperson? Is it the project manager with the ten page resume? Is it the dozens of laborers swinging the hammers? The answer is the latter; your home is being built by regular laborers with hand tools. Without quality workers and a good quality control program, things will be done incorrectly. That is why having an independent third party inspect your new construction is essential in assuring your home is safe and built to last.

Don’t take it for granted that the builder is complying with acceptable building practices, using quality craftsmanship, or keeping your safety in mind. Engage a third party to look out for your interests at specific stages of the construction process. We offer several important inspections during new home construction.

Pre-pour Foundation Inspection

This inspection is performed just before pouring concrete. It’s the last chance to check to be sure critical structural elements have been placed correctly. Depth and width of footings are verified. Rebar, beams, and tension members are checked for proper placement. Also, when possible, the actual pour is witnessed to ensure that the concrete has been mixed correctly. Contractors are notorious for wanting concrete wet and flowable, which is detrimental to its strength.

Post-pour Foundation Inspection.

This critical inspection is conducted after the foundation is poured, but before backfilling around the foundation. This allows for last chance look at the quality of the pour, and crucial drainage systems.

Pre-insulation Inspection

Sometimes called the pre-drywall inspection, this inspection gives you a final review of the framing and roughed-in systems of the house before drywall is put up. This is especially important because components can be more easily seen and addressed at this time. This inspection covers all major structural components and mechanical systems installed.

Final Walk-Through inspection

It is the final inspection to verify that all structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are installed and operating as intended. This inspection is performed just before final walk through with the builder. The house is essentially completed; however, issues arising during final walk-through can be addressed by the builder prior to closing. This inspection also gives the new buyers important information on the systems, operation, and maintenance of their new home.

11-Month Inspection

Similar to the final walk-through inspection, this inspection comes just before the end of the standard 1-year warranty on new homes. It is a top-to-bottom look at everything so you can take any final issues to your builder.

Should you need a new home construction inspection, contact a local Maryland inspection company. We’ll be glad to assist you.


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