Termite Inspections in Maryland

Termite Inspections, also known as Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspections, are recommended for all real estate transactions, and required by some lenders. The inspection is a thorough evaluation of the visible and accessible areas for signs of infestation, structural damage, and previous treatments (which can indicate previous problems). All of our inspectors are licensed Pest Control Consultants and licensed engineers knowledgeable about structural damage. When we do a termite inspection, not only do we look for active termites and wood damage, we look for other signs of termite presence such as insect parts, and mud tubes.

When selecting an inspector, there is one crucial consideration you may not know. In just about every inspection industry in the world there is a clear separation between inspector and remediation/repair companies. The reason is to prevent a conflict of interest. An asbestos inspector does not do asbestos remediation. It is illegal for a home inspector to do any kind of repair work related to a home inspection. In the termite industry, this is not the case. Termite inspectors are allowed to do termite treatments. There is no good explanation for why this is the allowed, but it is. Homeowners should take this into account when hiring a company. A termite inspector who also provides pesticide application is considered at risk of impartiality. We see it all the time, inspectors who call water damage termite damage, and then recommend expensive treatments. There is also a habit of companies trying to sell warranties and annual services plans. Watch out for this.

At Kemp Home Inspections, we don’t do any pesticide application. We are 100% independent and impartial. Our goal is to simply give you the facts, with no financial interest in finding something that may not be there. Moreover, our engineering experience allows us to give valuable structural insights into termite and insect damage.

As a courtesy to our Maryland clients, Kemp Home Inspections provides inspection findings on the standard Maryland MD-1 form, required by most lenders.

If you want an accurate, independent termite inspection, consider Kemp Home Inspections.

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