The Advanced Structural Assessment

Kemp Home Inspections has been involved in the home inspection industry since 2012, specializing in the house structure. During this time, we’ve learned that there are some basic flaws in the home inspection process that prevent a home buyer from really learning whether the house they are buying is structurally sound. The reason this happens is that most home inspectors assess the house structure based on the number and size of cracks, when in fact, the only way to understand the structure is by measuring the house to see how much it may have moved. It may sound obvious, but a sound structure doesn’t shift, settle, or lean, and the only way to know what has moved is to take measurements, and not “eyeball” cracks.

Over the years, we’ve worked with our own home inspectors to develop procedures for conducting an Advanced Structural Assessment (ASA). The Advanced Structural Assessment combines visual observations of the house with actual measurements to fully understand the soundness of the structure. Working with our colleagues at ASA Engineering Group, home buyers now have the option of enlisting the services of an ASA Certified home inspector to conduct the home inspection you need. An ASA Certified home inspector is trained to conduct a high-level structural inspection of the home, and to collect house measurements that are provided to a structural engineer for review. As a home buyer interested in really understanding the structure of the home, and potential risks, then the only choice is to get an Advanced Structural Assessment. This can be done either by hiring a structural engineer familiar with collecting house measurements (like Kemp Home Inspections), or by hiring an ASA Certified home inspector.

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